Sedation Dentistry

We also offer Sedation Dentistry for the comfort and security of our patients. Whether due to the extensive nature of the services required, or due to the apprehension and fear that the patient has for dental work, sedation dentistry is a good solution for many people. Prior to the procedure, the patient is given a prescription for an oral sedative to be taken before the appointment.

It is imperative that the patient have a driver and responsible party (RP) during and after the sedation period, as the patient will not be capable of making rational decisions or walking without aid. Once at the office, more medication is given, and the patient is prepped for surgery. Part of this preparation involves careful monitoring of the patient’s blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse before, during and after the procedure. Also, if the patient is diabetic, a glucometer reading is done to ensure that blood sugar levels are in the normal range. After the procedure, the patient is held in recovery until the doctor determines that the patient is ready to go home.

Post-operative instructions are then given to the RP, and the patient is then transported via wheelchair to the RP’s car for the trip home.