Fixed Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are dentures that are stabilized by implants. People who wear conventional dentures must contend with a slew of potential problems. Since dentures have nothing to attach to they rest entirely on the gums. This can lead to sore spots and a need to use messy adhesives to hold the teeth in. Also, for stability and retention, the entire palate must be covered with the upper denture. This can cause gagging and loss of taste sensation.When we add implants to stabilize the dentures, the dentures are re-fitted to snap on top of the implants. This adds about 50% more chewing power and virtually eliminates sore spots. Also the patient doesn’t need to use messy adhesives anymore. One of the best advantages is that the palatal coverage of the upper denture can be removed. This always leads to enhanced taste of all foods, because many taste buds are located on the palate. Often this procedure can be done with a patient’s existing dentures, which reduces the cost.