The Renaissance Smiles Program

We are happy to introduce our Renaissance Smiles dental assistance program, which is provided for the residents of the Gatehouse in Grapevine. Domestic abuse is all too prevalent in our society. Our goal is to be salt and light for these victims and to give esteem-boosting smile makeovers when possible.

The Gatehouse provides long-term solutions to deep-rooted problems so that permanent, positive change becomes possible. It takes women in crisis generally three to six months to feel safe and confident enough to make life-changing decisions. In short-term programs, women may make decisions for change, but here at The Gatehouse, we give them enough time to learn how to live it out.

After experiencing domestic violence, women flee to shelters an average of 7-8 times before leaving for good. In addition, they seek refuge at a friend’s or family members house an average of 8-10 times between the shelter stays. When women are ready to end this cycle, The Gatehouse offers safe refuge, practical resources and healing relationships. This is true for women facing other problems as well, such as underemployment, a devastating divorce, incarceration or poverty. New paths of opportunity are created for women in crisis to seek freedom from the past and hope for the future.

Please click this link for more information: www.gatehousegrapevine.combigstock-mother-and-daughter-together-a-13896965