implant1For a patient requiring dental implant placement, does the use of preoperative antibiotics decrease the likelihood of dental implant failure as opposed to not using antibiotics? This question has been asked for some time in dental implant circles, and a new study confirms what many of us have seen clinically for years. Routine use of a preoperative dose of oral antibiotic significantly reduces early implant failures.

The meta analysis from Eposito et al. included data from four randomized controlled trials (RCTs) involving 1007 patients. The authors did comprehensive trial searches through June 2011 and completed thorough assessments for study validity. The meta-analysis included patients representative of routine implant cases. There were no reported significant adverse events or increases in antibiotic resistance, and the benefits include reduction in implant failures.

We at Oliver Dental Implants have been routinely using preoperative antibiotics as part of our implant surgery regimen for many years, and the findings of this study confirm what we believed to be true.