Some dentists are using CAT scan data and a planning software to create “virtual” implant placement on a computer, then morphing the information into a drill guide used during the implant surgery. Often this allows the practitioner to perform a “flapless” surgery which generally translates into no stitches, less post-operative pain and faster healing time. Instead of cutting the gum tissue and pulling it back to expose the jawbone, a small punch is used to poke a hole through the gums The surgical guide is snapped onto the remaining teeth or gums. The guide has small tubes called “sleeves” through which the practitioner inserts his drill. The sleeves guide the drill to the proper depth, angulation and size for the implant. We have found that using this technique allows us to perform much of the surgical work in advance of the surgery. This translates into shorter surgical chair time for the patient. In our office, we use Anatomage software for our surgical guides. For more information visit: