implantAccording to recent evidence authored by the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, immediate placement of an implant at the time of tooth extraction is a reliable and acceptable treatment option for healthy adults. Our outcomes here in this office support this conclusion. We have always attempted to place the implant at the time of extraction because it removes the need for a second surgery for the patient. Here is the evidence reported in this article:

  • Clinical Question: What is the survival rate after 2 years for an implant placed immediately in a fresh extraction socket?
  • Clinical Bottom Line: When an implant is placed in a fresh extraction socket there is a 98.4% survival rate after 2 years.
  • Best evidence: Lang NP, Pun L, Li KY, and MC Wong. A systematic review on success and survival rates of implants placed immediately into fresh extraction sockets after at least 1 year. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2012 Feb; 23 Suppl. 5:39-66.
  • Key results: Systematic review of 46 studies with a mean follow-up of 2.08 years showed that the annual failure rate of immediate implants was 0.82%, and 2 year survival rate was 98.4%.
  • Comments on evidence: Based on historical evidence, the immediate placement of an implant has a comparable survival rate to an implant placed into healed bone.