The Effects Of Tooth Loss

Effects Of Tooth Loss

  • Bereavement
  • Lowered self-confidence
  • Altered self-image, dislike of appearance
  • Inability to discuss this taboo subject
  • Behaving in a way that keeps tooth loss a secret
  • Altered behavior in socializing and forming close relationships
  • Premature aging

*Source: J. Fiske, et al, The emotional effects of tooth loss in edentulous people, British Journal, Vol 184, No 2.

Functional Effects of Tooth Loss

  • Natural teeth – 100% function
  • Implant supported fixed bridges – 90-95% function of natural teeth
  • Implant supported removable dentures – 40-45% function of natural teeth
  • Dentures – 10-15% function of natural teeth

Nutritional Effects of Tooth Loss

  • “The elderly edentulous avoid many types of foods, particularly raw vegetables and other hard and tough foods, because they cannot chew these with conventional dentures.”
  • “As a result, such individuals consume significantly less protein and other key nutrients – including fiber, calcium, non-heme iron, and some vitamins – than do individuals with teeth.”

*Source: Hartsook, 1974; Wayler and Chauncey, 1983; Chauncy et al., 1984; Sheihan et al., 2001

Overall Health Effects of Implant Treatment

  • “Studies have indicated that following implant treatment, patients’ overall nutritional state improved significantly, including serum albumin concentration, serum B12 concentration and distribution for adipose tissue. Studies have also revealed that implant related solutions for edentulism have a more positive impact on leisure and sexual activities than do conventional dentures.”

*Source: G. Heydecke, J.M. Thompson, J. Lund, J. Feine, Journal of Dentistry, 854-13/2/2005